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Children’s Hospitals Beg Florida Lawmakers Not to Cut Budgets

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida’s children’s hospitals are pleading with state lawmakers not to proceed with proposed budget cuts for pediatric programs.

Hospital advocates gathered at the state Capitol Monday to say the cuts would threaten medical care for the state’s poor and sick children. They are concerned the reduction in funding would force hospitals to close high-cost programs. Read more.

New Commercial from Coalition to Heal Healthcare in FL Challenges Proposed Medicaid Budget Cuts

~ Coalition’s commercial calls for citizens to contact legislators to

prevent further cuts to health care funding ~

Tallahassee, Fla. – The Coalition to Heal Healthcare in Florida, Inc., has released another impassioned television commercial reiterating the impact of the proposed Medicaid cuts on the state’s children.

The commercial emphasizes the effects that budget cuts could have on children and their families who depend on the Medicaid program. The Coalition is a statewide, bipartisan organization working at the grassroots level to stop devastating cuts to Florida’s Medicaid program.

“Making sure our children have access to health care services when they need them should be among our highest priorities,” says Bruce Rueben, president of the Florida Hospital Association.  “Further cuts to funding care for the children of low income families targets the most vulnerable and threatens access to health care for all children.”

The commercial premieres today in Tallahassee. It is part of a broader Coalition effort against Medicaid cuts that includes a website, social media, more than 13,000 letters to legislators from concerned citizens and two other TV commercials. The Coalition’s overall message to legislators is No More Cuts.

The Coalition is comprised of patients, their families and health care professionals determined to protect funding for the care of low-income families, children, the elderly and disabled. Members have leveraged their collective voices to bring awareness to the consequences of further cuts to the Medicaid program. To date, more than 60 organizations have joined the Coalition.


To view the new commercial or for more information on the Coalition, visit:

The following is the text from the television commercial, “Our Children”:

The Coalition to Heal Healthcare in Florida, Inc.



My husband and I never dreamed that we would need a government program like Medicaid.

Until our daughter was born…so beautiful but medically challenged.

There are so many Florida children on Medicaid today…big cuts would impact overall care for every one of them.

Call your state Senator today, and let them know Medicaid not only serves seniors, working parents, and the disabled, but is a vital part of keeping our children healthy…

…and alive.

#  #  #

Healthcare groups ramp up criticism of proposed hospital cuts

A long list of healthcare advocacy organizations have joined together to lobby against proposed budget cuts they say will be devastating to hospitals and have a trickle down effect to Florida families.

Operating as “The Coalition to Heal Healthcare in Florida,” the 64 partners include organizations representing hospitals, medical professionals, educators, and niche groups like the American Cancer Society’s Florida Division. Read more.