The Florida Medicaid program provides vital health care benefits to low-income families, children, the elderly and disabled. The Coalition to Heal Healthcare in Florida, Inc. is comprised of patients, their families and health care professionals determined to protect funding for the care of low-income families, children, the elderly and disabled. We have leveraged our collective voices to bring awareness to the consequences of further cuts to the Medicaid program.

Millions of Floridians rely on the health care system when stricken by illness or injury. The familiar “H” symbol symbolizes help – and hope. But that promise of health care services, including jobs for the caregivers, is in danger.

State leaders are proposing hundreds of millions of dollars in cuts to hospitals for services provided to our most vulnerable citizens.

These types of cuts will deeply scar our health care system. If the proposals become a reality, thousands of jobs could be jeopardized; all Floridians could lose access to critical hospital services and face longer waits for emergency care.

For as we all know, HEALTH CARE CUTS DON’T HEAL.

Learn how health care cuts will affect you, your loved ones and your community. Tell your state legislators to protect funding for local hospitals.