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Lawmakers push Medicaid cuts as budget talks wind down

TALLAHASSEE — Moving toward agreement on a $70 billion state budget, lawmakers on Sunday night endorsed cutting more than $340 million in Medicaid funding from Florida hospitals and nursing homes. Read more.

Simply shifting costs is poor Medicaid policy

A Times Editorial

Published Thursday, March 1, 2012

State budget gimmicks are nothing new for the Florida Legislature. But next year’s Medicaid budget could sink to a new low: Counties — and by extension local taxpayers — could be forced to pay bills they do not owe. Hospitals would see Medicaid reimbursement rates further slashed. Medicaid patients would have limits on emergency room visits, and doctors may not receive a reimbursement increase because of an ideological fight between Republican lawmakers and the Obama administration. Read more.

Children’s Hospitals Beg Florida Lawmakers Not to Cut Budgets

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida’s children’s hospitals are pleading with state lawmakers not to proceed with proposed budget cuts for pediatric programs.

Hospital advocates gathered at the state Capitol Monday to say the cuts would threaten medical care for the state’s poor and sick children. They are concerned the reduction in funding would force hospitals to close high-cost programs. Read more.