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Missed Opportunities

By The Miami Herald Editorial

The Florida Legislature ended its 60-day session with nothing to help cash-strapped homeowners or college students or those struggling to get a job or to ensure safety for the frail elderly at state-licensed facilities.  Read more.

Medicaid cut would hit Florida’s poorest patients, hospitals

TAMPA — Doctors and hospitals treating Florida’s poorest patients face significant pay cuts in the state’s nearly final budget.

Legislators will vote by Friday on a $70 billion budget that includes $304 million less to reimburse hospitals. A Florida Hospital Association analysis released Wednesday projects the state’s hospitals will receive $642.8 million less for treating poor children, pregnant women and disabled adults in 2013. Read more.

Lawmakers pile on the pain for health care

Instead of a scalpel, Florida lawmakers are taking an ax to health programs to balance the state budget. House and Senate budget negotiators agreed to chop at least $300 million out of payments to hospitals and nursing homes. Lawmakers also are poised to dump about $150 million in disputed health-care bills on county taxpayers, including $7 million worth on Orange County residents. Read more.