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Don’t cut crucial programs

By FRED AZUA Jr., Palm Coast
February 26, 2012
I read with interest the Feb. 22 story “Proposed cuts target Flagler disabled programs.” The state Senate budget eliminates funding for school districts’ disabled adult programs, and the House version would reduce it by 15 percent. Read more.


Editorial: Florida Legislature’s proposed cuts to Medicaid too draconian; stakeholders must find reasonable solution

Medicaid is a vital health care program for about 80,000 Treasure Coast residents and 3.1 million Floridians.

Consider the facts. Medicaid covers:

• 27 percent of Florida’s children.

• 51 percent of all babies delivered in Florida hospitals.

• 63 percent of all nursing home days.

Now, try to imagine the plight of these individuals and their families if the 2012 Legislature enacts the sweeping cuts to Medicaid contained in the House and Senate budgets approved by state lawmakers. The range of proposed cuts extends from $376 million to $620 million. Anything in this range would have an adverse effect on Florida’s most needy residents. However, because every dollar invested by the state in Medicaid is matched by the federal government, the actual loss in Medicaid funds could be much higher — up to $2 billion a year. Read more

Families, hospitals fighting Medicaid cuts

TAMPA — Braelyn Hines gets a common cold, and his family rushes off to the St. Joseph Children’s Hospital emergency room.

Home remedies or waiting to see the family doc aren’t an option for the 7-year-old Brandon boy, who will forever live with a multitude of maladies. Nothing concerning his health is easy, or inexpensive, says his mother. Read more.